My new solo project: «UNCHARTED TERRITORY». 

This music  is inspired by genres like folk, pop and jazz, all melted together in a world of captivating melodies, steady riffs, honest texts and piquant arrangements. 

This is also my very first project as a bandleader. Producing and making all the music for a band by myself has been an undiscovered universe for me until I got this urge for writing. To make the music sound just like I wanted, "Uncharted Territory" is written especially for these musicians. I've played with all of them in other projects before, so I knew their voices very well, and as a band we know each other's strengths. I've learned to play mandolin while in the process of making this album. This lead the songs into different territories. I’ve had a clear thought about what I want it to be, but at the same time, I’ve been open to the musical direction and where it could lead in the process. I've added strings from the multidisciplinary string ensemble, Oslo Strings, to have a greater variety of possibilities in the sound, sometimes showing the fragility of the songs, but also creating the fullness needed whenever needed. I have Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello, Isa Caroline Holmesland - viola, and jazz violinist Adrian Løseth Waade, a fantastic improviser, who adds some thrilling lines to it all. 

The band consists of fantastic musicians:

Martin Myhre Olsen - soprano, alto and baryton saxophone
Martin is a very talented composer and saxophone player without boundaries, who adapts to the music superbly both in front and in the background layers of the music.

Torgeir Hovden Standal - guitars
I love the sound in Torgeir's playing. As a guitarist he adds edge and thrill to the band with his starry tone and steady hand. 

Kjetil André Mulelid - piano, organ
Kjetil is one of the most playful and curious musicians I know. As a singer, it feels like he tucks you in and lifts you up at the same time. Making space, and adds the right ingredients.

Martin Morland - bass
The highly requested and versatile bassplayer Martin has a unique knowledge on different genres. He is  a constant source of ideas, and he sews together all the grooves in a irreplaceable way.

Henrik Lødøen - drums
A sought-after brilliant drummer,  with a wide range of experience within different genres. With his playful, dynamic and intuitive playing, he lifts the band in a beautiful way.


The debut-album will be released February 2019 on Jazzland Recordings.
Recorded in Athletic Sound Studios, with sound engineer Dag Erik Johansen.