Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory

 "Uncharted Territory" is a perfect blend of pop energy and accessibility with jazz, and singer-songwriter sensibilities, bursting with melodic freshness. Featuring Siril's beautiful, clear and expressive voice, the songs balance commercial exuberance with intelligence, both musically and lyrically. Themes both weighty and feather-light are given the appropriate treatments and settings. The moods are many, with variations of light and shade, but a sense of positivity glistens from every song. The instrumentation is broadly that of a classic rock ensemble, with relaxed but skilful playing and an old-school vibe to the recording process that eliminates the digitally quantized dehumanizing aspects of so many releases this past number of years. Consequently, the resulting album is an organic musical entity, with every song, every phrase, and every note as alive as it should be.

The Musicians

Siril's band features some of the most exciting new musical talent in Norway today: Their playing is soulful, focussed and attentive, and a perfect antidote to corporate treadmill productions that are pumped out of the one-trick-pony machine that dominates the mainstream. 

Martin Myhre Olsen - soprano, alto and baryton saxophone 
Martin is a very talented composer and saxophone player without boundaries, who adapts to the music superbly both in front and in the background layers of the music. 

Torgeir Hovden Standal - guitars 
I love the sound in Torgeir's playing. As a guitarist he adds edge and thrill to the band with his starry tone and steady hand.  

Kjetil Andre Mulelid - piano, organ 
Kjetil is one of the most playful and curious musicians I know. As a singer, it feels like he tucks you in and lifts you up at the same time. Making space, and adds the right ingredients. 

Martin Morland - bass 
The highly requested and versatile bassplayer Martin has a unique knowledge on different genres. He is  a constant source of ideas, and he sews together all the grooves in a irreplaceable way. 

Henrik Lødøen - drums 
A sought-after brilliant drummer,  with a wide range of experience within different genres. With his playful, dynamic and intuitive playing, he lifts the band in a beautiful way. 



 The album was released 1st of February 2019 on Jazzland Recordings. 
Recorded in Athletic Sound Studios, with sound engineer Dag Erik Johansen