Siril Malmedal Hauge is a Norwegian vocalist, instrumentalist, composer and lyricist. Raised on the island of Sula, on the Norwegian North-West coast surrounded by high mountains and beautiful fjords, now living in Oslo. She is a requested and versatile vocalist, active in a number of projects and constellations on the Norwegian stage as both vocalist and instrumentalist. She has strong roots in the jazz tradition, with a strength of phrasing and delivering intertextual meaning and storytelling. Known for her ability to adapt to the instrumentalist phrases just as well as a mediator of words and melody. 

Siril writes music that moves and captivates. A blend of energy, vulnerability and accessibility bursting with melodic freshness. Her clear and expressive voice balances her commercial exuberance with intelligence, both musically and lyrically. Themes both weighty and feather-light are given the appropriate treatments and settings. The moods are many, with variations of light and shade.

In 2022 she got nominates for the Norwegian Grammy «Spellemannprisen» for her album «Slowly, slowly» (2021).
In 2021 she recieved the title «jazz-ambassador» from NTNU,
and in 2019 she won the «Jazz Talent Award» of Molde Int. Jazz Festival.
She has also recieved various awards in the category «Best Vocal Album» both in Japan and in NYC.

    - "It is no surprise that she was nominated in the Annual Independent Music Awards, given the way that she effortlessly develops subtle shifts in phrasing that draws out the meaning of the tunes." - Jazzviews (UK) 

    - "The captivating vocalist can scat with freshly minted conviction when she so wishes." - JazzJournal (UK) 

    - "It's hard to complain about any of Hauge's superb performance. She squeezes an impressive nuance into each unassuming syllable." - All About Jazz (US) 

    - "Hun har en perfekt diksjon, og synger med inderlighet og varme." - Erik Valebrokk 

    - "Hun er klokkerein, rytmisk sikker og spesielt imponerende god når hun vokalimproviserer" - Terje Mosnes, Jazz i Norge   

    - "Siril Malmedal Hauge – det er bare å merke seg navnet med en gang. Hun kommer nemlig til å bli værende ei viktig stemme i norsk jazz i mange tiår fremover." - Tor de Jazz