Jul på Sunnmørsk

Photo: Peder Otto Dybvik

"Wildly inventive jazz interpretations of Christmas classics." 

"This project is easy to love. At their concerts, they invite the audience into Christmas in a playful way - always with a lot of humor and playfulness." 
Jul på Sunnmørsk is a project by musicians from Sunnmøre. They share a love of music, Sunnmøre and the christmas atmosphere. They interpret old and new, well-known and lesser-known Christmas carols.

Vocalist Siril Malmedal Hauge has rewritten the lyrics from English to Sunnmørsk, and has taken care to include some of our own Norwegian Christmas traditions. Both the nice and idyllic ones, but also the irritating typical ones. 

Together they made a fresh and impulsive record. We want more Christmas music that is unpretentious and irreverent, we salute everything thats playful and impulsive!