Siril Malmedal Hauge and Kjetil Mulelid have made themselves known in the Norwegian music scene in recent years. With active touring, a Norwegian grammy award nomination, and several album releases praised by the worldwide press, they have distinguished themselves as a bold voice representing the Norwegian music in the 21st century. Since they studied at the slightly legendary jazz education in Trondheim ten years ago, they have worked regularly together - first as the core behind the jazz/pop project Fieldfare, and then through Siril's own solo work with two album releases, as well as concerts at most jazz festivals and clubs in Norway.

Hauge and Mulelid are now together as a duo, and a mix of original songs and new covers of well-known cover songs can be expected. The music is characterized by Hauge's clear and expressive voice and Kjetil's playful piano playing. It is music in a catchy landscape, but with a good dose of resistance and surprises that take the listener into their musical universe.

Their debut album had its own exclusively Japan release in the end of 2022 followed by massive applause from the Japanese jazz press, such as a two page article in the long standing jazz magazine Jazz Critique. The album will be available for the rest of the world March 17, when it will be released by Grappa Musikkforlag. 

"It is easy to hear that the years of collaboration between the two have led to a very special chemistry. Malmedal Hauge's clear voice and Mulelid's airy piano playing go hand in hand." - Nasjonal Jazzscene



-  "Vi har fått en ny stjerneduo her til lands. ⅚"  - Nettavisen  
- "To tette" - NTT   
- “Et duoalbum som vil stå i tiår fremover” - Tor Hammerø  
- "Det låter både tidløst og friskt på samme tid" - Morgenbladet  
- “En genuin, samskapt musikk, der to sterke individuelle stemmer fletter seg sammen og skaper noe helt nytt sammen” - Johan Hauknes, Salt Peanuts  
- “Everything seems simple in this album with multiple resonances, very worked and rich in its details”- Culture Jazz (FR) 

"Hauge, a star for the future" - Aftenposten  
"Hauge is a fast growing star for the Norwegian jazz sky" - NRK  
“One of the pianists I like to raise the flag for is Kjetil Mulelid” - Jazz i Norge  
“Mulelid, one of the foremost pianists of his generation” - Dagens Næringsliv

Live in Hangzhou, China